Sara Beissmann

20 years old

The Bond

“I’ve visited a lot of places because I’m Jewish. Actually, everything I’ve experienced I owe to Judaism and other Jews. I went to Bulgaria three times. I visited Israel, and so on. I was in all sorts of places. If I had one minute to storm out of the house, I would take a notebook which I made myself, filled with memories from my trips. Travelling has enriched me in all sorts of ways. From experience to independency, since I was 16 when I first travelled by plane by myself. I managed to reach America all by myself. I met a ton of people. I’ve remained in contact with some of them. And I know that, if I visit a totally random country and know somebody from over there, it wouldn’t be a problem if I stayed overnight or said: ‘I plan to be here for a month’, and they would say: ‘OK’. I’d do the same for them if they came to Croatia. It’s completely normal. Not that it’s expected, but I’d like that.”