A Loaf of Culture

The Museum of Personal Stories will be opened as part of the project A Loaf of Culture, conducted by Fade In in partnership with Nansen Dialogue Centre from Osijek, Roma Resource Centre from Darda, the City of Osijek, and the Croatian Association of Cultural Tourism from Osijek. The project has been financed by the Ministry of Culture with funds provided by the European Social Fund totalling 2.378.616,17 kn.

As part of the project A Loaf of Culture, Fade In – together with the City of Osijek and other partners and collaborators – will establish a framework for the direction of development and strategy of operation of the socio-cultural centre Stara pekara. Museum of Personal Stories, one of the content units of Stara Pekara, will operate as a museum and gallery space in which personal stories of the citizens of Osijek, representatives of the national minorities who reside in it, will be presented in an urban and contemporary manner.

Even though the focus will be placed on the personal stories of individuals, by presenting them in this manner, they will also be recognised through the wider social and political context of our society, which still has difficulty coping with the challenges of integration and respecting diversity.

The Museum of Personal Stories will establish interculturality as the foundation of identity of Osijek and the region, with the desire to become a recognisable location on the urban, cultural and tourist map of the city of Osijek.