About the Museum of Personal Stories

MUSEUM OF PERSONAL STORIES collects and preserves the stories of citizens of Osijek, members of twenty-two ethnic minorities, and much more than that – it tells the stories of the lives intertwined by memories, tradition, rituals and personal experience, which not only change the storytellers who share their important moments, but also influence those who listen to them, the Museum’s visitors.

The Museum was founded from the need to question ingrained attitudes and prejudice towards minorities within the communities in which we live and act, thereby presenting different narratives through photography, objects and documentary video.

This history is unwritten and personal; it is the result of living in an intercultural environment that has seen its growth and development in the cultural and economic sense, but also conflict, war, and even decay. The Museum of Personal Stories examines who we were, how we cope with who we are today, and who we want to become.