textile worker

Po mjeri_Julijana Anderluh

In Tekos, as far as sick leaves are concerned, it was like everywhere else. Some could get it. When we did work for export, you could get sick leave only if you were pregnant. I personally had a heavy cold in that period and I couldn’t work. My nose was running, I could hardly see the needle, and I had to work 10 hours a day to meet my quota. I couldn’t do 30% that day. I went to the doctor’s to let me go home and he gave me an excuse note to go buy pills and get back to work… So, I took the pills I wasn’t supposed to take because I was pregnant without even knowing it. This sick leave I couldn’t get changed my life as far as my child’s health condition is concerned. If I had taken that sick leave, I wouldn’t have taken those pills and my life would probably be different.