Executive Team

Fantastično dobra institucija – FADE IN is an independent production company and civil society organisation founded in 1999 as a platform for authors inclined towards engaged film and video. Fade In focuses on the questioning of current socio-political subjects of contemporary society through various artistic practices.

Nansen Dialogue Centre is a civil society organisation founded in 2001 with the mission of social recuperation of multi-ethnic communities in Croatia. Nansen Dialogue Centre focuses on intercultural education that is based on the critical deliberation of identities and prejudice, as well as on the promotion of culture of peace and dialogue.

Roma Resource Centre was founded in 2002 with the aim to nourish Romani culture and tradition, with particular emphasis on the Roma subgroup of Munćani, primarily through folklore amateurism. Roma Resource Centre brings together youth of all nationalities and of different perspective, which makes it the place at which all aspects of stereotypes and prejudice are diminished.